How To Get Started

Big Brother Ken Wederski and Little Brother Larry Big Brother Shane Monroe and Team Horne
It’s not about bowling.
It’s about helping kids!

  1. FORM A TEAM AND CALL TO REGISTER at 409-763-4638 for one of the three nights of bowling in August. A team is 4-5 members;  friends, coworkers, family, etc. who want to participate in the bowling event and raise money to help children in the Big Brothers Big sisters program.
  2. RAISE MONEY FOR BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS – Each team member raises at least $75 by collecting pledges (donations) to support BBBS through church, companies, local associations, schools, families, or other groups or individuals and help your team win the Traveling Trophy and 2012 Bragging Rites by raising the most money! You may submit cash or checks. Credit card donations can be made online prior to the bowling event.
  3. JOIN THE BOWLING PARTY – Come out in August to join the bowling party in Texas City for two free games of bowling and a free customized BFKS 2012 t-shirt!

How do I get people to sponsor me?

Click Here to Print a BFKS Pledge Sheet
Asking for contributions can be as simple as:

  • Ask 3 people for pledges/sponsorship of $25 (or $5 from 15 people) such as friends, family members, coworkers or members of an organization or church to which you already belong. Remember to ask those you have assisted recently such as Girl Scouts, school fundraisers, magazine sales, other groups, clubs, etc.
  • Ask for support from professionals or retailers you visit frequently such as your doctor, dentist, banker, cleaners, favorite grocery store, etc.
  • Set up a donation jar at your local association or hang-out or club meeting.
  • Your individual sponsors can visit our website at and click on the Yellow Donate Button to use our secure PayPal account to make their donations of any size online through our secured BFKS website PRIOR to the bowling date.

Now the fun really begins…..
The INDIVIDUAL who raises the most money for the 2012 BFKS campaign will win the Grand Prize, two round-trip tickets anywhere Southwest Airlines flies.

The TEAM who raises the most money wins
The 1st Place Team –  Traveling Trophy and 2012 Bragging Rights

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