What is BFKS & How Does it Work?

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What is Bowl for Kids’ Sake?

Bowl for Kids’ Sake (BFKS) is the largest annual fundraising event for Big Brothers Big Sisters nationally, providing funds to offer positive mentoring relationships for thousands of children in our communities.  This fundraising event takes the form of a bowl-a-thon where participants secure sponsors and then come to the event to enjoy a big bowling party! As a non-profit 501(c)3, we are responsible for raising 100% of our operating budget annually.

Our program serves the whole child and is not a one-time quick fix.  Children grow socially, academically, and emotionally with measurable impact and are exposed to new aspects of life they may not otherwise be aware of such as higher education, therefore changing the way children grow up.


Invite your company, school, organization or your favorite hang out to become a sponsor.

Form a team of 4-5 friends, coworkers, family etc. and each raise money and attend the bowling party.

Participate individually by raising money and joining one of our teams.

Don’t want to bowl?
Raise money on your own to benefit Big Brothers
Big Sisters.

The INDIVIDUAL who raises the most money for the 2012 BFKS campaign will win the Grand Prize, two round-trip tickets anywhere Southwest Airlines flies.

The TEAM who raises the most money wins the 1st Place Team ‘s Traveling Trophy and 2012 Bragging Rites

  We are a Good Partner and a Good Cause!

Companies partnering with GCBBBS through Bowl for Kids’ Sake makes a measurable, long-lasting impact on your community, local schools, and the children of Galveston County.  Simply put, mentoring works.  It works to ensure a more educated work force, a more successful customer base, and long-term economic viability of the community.  Supporting the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters sustains the mission of mentoring.  This partnership is also a very smart, tangible decision, one that will have a positive impact on your company annually.  Big Brothers Big Sisters has a significant track record of building and maintaining effective partnerships that benefit the community and the company.

Participating in Bowl for Kids’ Sake Builds a Strong Public Image

Nationally more than 80 percent of the public knows the Big Brothers Big Sisters brand.  By participating, your company, school, or organization will develop a more favorable image within the local and national markets.

Bowl for Kids’ Sake:
    • Is a team and relationship-building opportunity
    • Is a community service project
    • Is the fundraiser through which all national BBBS agencies raise their annual operating budget
    • Creates and enhances strong employee or student relations
    • Educates the public about Big Brothers Big Sisters
    • Educates the public about the need in the community
    • Demonstrates the different ways to become involved in addition to mentoring

How does it Work?
You don’t need to be a good bowler to participate… everyone wins when helping kids!

  1. Form a team or teams 4-5 people you know through companies, local associations, schools, churches, families, and other groups or individuals.  The designated team captain registers the team for the preferred date by calling 409-763-4638 or sending an email to the GCBBBS office to reserve a lane at agency@gulfcoastbbbs.org .
  2. Each team member then seeks sponsors in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters by asking friends, family, and co-workers to support the children in their community.
  3. Each bowler (participant) raises $75 in sponsorship for his or her participation.  That can be as simple as:
      • $25 from 3 people or $5 from 15 people such as friends, family members, coworkers or members of an organization to which you already belong.
      • Set up a donation jar at work, church your local association or hang-out or club meeting.
      • Email all of your contacts! We will send you a sample email! These emails will explain how people can sponsor you as a Bowl for Kids’ Sake participant.  Send one or more of these ready-made emails to potential sponsors and raise all your dollars without leaving your desk!

Your sponsors can visit the BFKS page  at www.mentorsgc.org to make their donations on line.

Now the fun really begins…..
Bowlers who raise $75 or more enjoy two FREE games of bowling including shoes and a ball.

The person who raises the most money for the BFKS campaign will win the Grand Prize, two round-trip tickets anywhere Southwest Airlines flies.

How do I get people to sponsor me?

  • · Ask family, friends and co-workers for their support by investing in the lives of the children waiting for a Big Brother or a Big Sister.
  • · Ask support from those you have assisted recently (i.e., Girl Scout cookies, school fundraisers, magazine sales, other groups, clubs, etc.)
  • · Ask support from professionals or retailers you visit frequently (i.e., your doctor, dentist, banker, cleaners, grocer, etc.)

The GCBBBS agency can provide you with any materials you would need to recruit sponsors or bowlers.

Please call the GCBBBS office at 409-763-4638


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