You can prevent accidents before they happen! Learn CPR, have emergency numbers handy, and use these tips to make sure staying cool in summer is fun and safe for all:

  • Never leave children alone near water bodies, including pools, lakes, creeks, rivers, beaches, ponds or drainage ditches.
  • Constantly watch children when swimming or playing near water. They need a certified lifeguard or responsible adult within reach.
  • Do not allow children to swim in any water after heavy rains or flooding, since swollen water can hide hazards below the surface.

Galveston Island Kids

Weekly events and activity updates for Bigs, Littles & parents/guardians!

On January 14th, Executive Director Shannon Burke was honored to be the very first guest on the weekly United Way radio show which aired on KTOR – The Tornado! K-TOR is Ball High School’s newest online radio station, and every Saturday and Sunday from 10:30am-11:30am the United Way of Galveston features a partner agency in our community. This gives listeners a chance to get more involved with some of the greatest organizations! 


Local Events

Rosenberg Library Activities 

Galveston Island Ferry Rides – Year ’round

Pirates! Legends of the Gulf Coast – Year ’round

Kemah Boardwalk – Year ’round