Community Based Program

Each match holds promise. 

What if every child had that special someone who started them on the right path? It’s often the simple things in life that create a favorite memory, and just being there for your Little as a friend can transform a young person’s future. That’s the magic of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Ready to become a Big?

Our community based matches involve one-to-one mentoring between a Big Brother or Sister and Little Brother or Sister between the ages of 6-18. Children in our community based program may come to us through their parent/guardian, youth service agencies, churches, and other referrals. You will be assigned a Match Support Specialist who will be your support system throughout the life of your match. They will answer questions, check in with you on a regular basis, provide ideas for outings and tickets to events to attend with your Little and more.

There are a variety of ways you can spend time with your Little, including: 

• Playing sports together
• Going to a museum
• Baking cookies
• Taking a walk in the park

Each match is unique and develops a schedule that works for them, whether it’s meeting on the weekends or getting together in the evening. A caring adult sharing everyday experiences with a child can be life-altering, and truly a part of something BIG. Click here to begin the process of becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister!