Site Based Programs

Site based programs make a dramatic difference in a child’s life. Children enjoy having their Bigs meet with them in a structured environment – whether it’s in a classroom, on the playground, or in a conference room. 

Bigs meet with their Littles in a designated setting for one hour to talk, have fun, and provide positive, individual attention. A staff member is on location for all program sessions to facilitate and support the matches. 

Types of Programs

Workplace/College Program: This unique program focuses on providing the critical skills needed to achieve full career potential. Youth from a designated Middle school are matched with company employees and transported once a month (as a group) to the workplace for on-site, one-to-one mentoring through: 

• Workplace exposure
• Career awareness
• College prep
• Prepare a post high school plan

Workplace mentoring introduces children to professional environments while allowing them an opportunity to learn about the corporate world first-hand. They experience new career paths and learn the educational requirements needed to achieve this professional success. 

By partnering with us, companies are making an investment in the development of the next generation of leaders. 

School Programs: Volunteers travel to the school one day a week during the school year. They provide Littles in Middle or Elementary school with one-on-one time and attention to help with academic performance, class participation, and relationship with peers through crafts and learning activities. As a Big, you may: 

• Assist with school work
• Write short stories or letters
• Color a picture
• Read a newspaper

Whatever the activity, the relationship formed with your Little promotes a positive school experience for the child. And when matches continue from one school year to the next, volunteers will experience the satisfaction of watching their Little achieve success in school. 

090911_HANDSIf you think your school or company would be interested in exploring a Site Based partnership, please contact